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Leak noise loggers help to reduce leakage levels and operating costs simultaneously by monitoring large areas of the water network quickly and effectively. They have become a standard piece of equipment for leak detection, and enables water suppliers to reduce leakage cost effectively, and to maintain these low levels at minimal cost. Noise loggers are considerably more sensitive than the human ear and are usually active during the night, when background noise is at a minimum.

The Permalog System

HWM manufactures the world's most popular leak noise logger. The effectiveness of the Permalog® system to monitor leakage has been proven in water networks throughout the world. Easily deployed, the innovative leak noise loggers listen for the unique sound of water escaping from the pipe and can transmit data to a passing patrol vehicle or internet enabled device. This highly cost effective solution enables water suppliers to monitor 100% of their distribution system with confidence, allowing leak areas to be identified quickly and promptly repaired. With over 300,000 loggers deployed successfully throughout the world, Permalog has been credited as a major contributor to the fight against water leakage. For example, their use in El Paso, Texas has recently been credited with saving the city 6 million gallons of water per day.


For further details, please select from the following:

 •  Permalog+ - a noise logger with a powerful sensor that listens for the sound made by leaks and       transmits data to a passing patrol vehicle or office computer.
 •  Permalog GPS Mapping - Automatic noise logger location recording to assist deployment and        analysis.
  •    PermaLOG Software - Online Mapping System for Permalog+ Loggers

There are three data collection methods available:

Survey (Manual Data Collection)
 •  Permalog+ Lift & Shift - enables swift deployment of loggers, manual data collection and swift            redeployment of loggers in a new area. transmits data to a passing patrol vehicle or office       computer.

Drive By Patrol
 •  Patroller II PDA - Drive by data collection for Permalog+ with Hand Held PDA
 •  Patroller II PC Drive by data collection for Permalog+ with PC/Laptop

Fixed Network
 •  PerrmaNet (Radio) - a radio web based automatic data transmission system for the Permalog+system allowing real time monitoring of the water network
 •  PermaNet (SMS Repeater) - an SMS Repeater web based automatic data transmission system for the Permalog+system allowing real time monitoring of the water network



PCorr+ builds on the proven reputation of the Permalog leak noise logger but brings new advanced features:

  • Flexible deployment – permanent, semi-permanent, or 'lift & shift'
  • Remote listening mode
  • Correlation mode
  • Auto download of 1 month history

PCorr+ enables water suppliers to quickly and efficiently locate leaks in the water network. Loggers are deployed in areas of the distribution system to provide continuous monitoring of leakage. Easily installed on pipe fittings, they are retained in place by a strong magnet. As soon as a potential leak is detected, the unit enters an alarm state and transmits a radio signal to indicate a "LEAK" condition.

When a leak is identified, the unit automatically records the noise for radio download correlation and sound file listening. Water suppliers can monitor 100% of their distribution system confidently and effectively, enabling leakage to be reduced quickly, and easily maintained at a low level.

The new Patroller 3 features a small low cost USB radio receiver designed to be used with tablets or other compatible devices running the PCorr+ software.

PCorr+ software provides map based displays and all functionality for:

Multiple operating modes

  • Drive-by
  • 'Life and Shift'

Multiple functionality

  • Leak alarms
  • Noise data and history
  • Correlation
  • Sound file listening
  • Frequency display

Lift and Shift Data Collection

The PCorr+ "lift and shift" mode is designed for use in a rapid deployment mode allowing users to distribute loggers into the distribution systems, quickly identify potential areas of leakage and then re-deploy the loggers into another area.

Drive By (Patroller 3) Data Collection

PCorr+ has an improved surveying speed enabling fast radio download of new data, including full noise logging Aqualog graphics where further investigation is required. The drive by version features a new PDA based blue-tooth Patroller (Patroller 3) to enable remote multiple logger programming and download.

Operating Functionality

  • Correlation
  • Leak alarm
  • Noise data and history – 28 days check
  • Sound file listening
  • Frequency display

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